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How the British Do Business

Sappiamo bene che è fondamentale conoscere le abitudini di un popolo, soprattutto se si vogliono stringere rapporti commerciali con l'estero. In questo video ti diamo dei consigli utili per capire meglio il carattere britannico in questione di affari. 

How do the British do business? Every culture has its customs and eccentricities. The same goes for the corporate world. But with Britain’s reputation of ‘stiff upper lip’, it can be scary to embark on a business relationship. Is it all pinstriped suits, tea and punctuality?
Arriving on time, or even just before, is appreciated in British culture. If you are late, however, don’t panic! Although it is a good idea to call in or send a message.
When you do arrive, did you know that small talk is an essential ice-breaker? The weather, for example, is an excellent topic to start with! Or perhaps the football match that you watched the evening before.
One thing that is especially good to know is that you shouldn’t worry too much if your English isn’t perfect. Most British people really appreciate that anyone would take the time and make the effort to learn another language at all.

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