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Jeremy Corbyn

Scopri chi è Jeremy Corbyn, il leader del Labour Party (il Partito Laburista) alle elezioni nel Regno Unito del prossimo 12 dicembre.

Jeremy Corbyn has been a member of Parliament for the constituency of Islington since 1983. This puts him in the top 10 of longest serving MPs in Westminster. But out of the 36 years he has spent there, it is only for the past four that he has been the leader of the Labour Party. During most of his time in politics, he was on the fringes of his own party. This was particularly true when Tony Blair was Prime Minister as Corbyn was much more left wing of the Labour policies at the time. This also meant that his position regarding Europe has always been one of distrust, not because he shared the views of the Conservative Eurosceptics, but rather because he considered the European Union a mechanism designed to implement policies that run against the interests of the working classes. Since assuming the leadership of the Labour Party, he has been put in a position where he has to try to find a balance between those voters who want the country to remain in the EU and those who want to leave. In these upcoming elections, he risks losing votes on both sides if he doesn’t convince voters that his social agenda is more important than Brexit.