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California on a Harley

La California è chiamata lo “Stato del Sole” e proprio grazie al buon clima si può visitare a bordo di una moto, evitando il traffico delle grandi città. Ecco l'intervista della nostra corrispondente Talitha Linehan a Bruno Rony, fondatore di Los Angeles Bikers, che organizza tour della California in moto.

Hi, this is Talitha here reporting for Speak Up magazine. I’m at the iconic Rock Store on Mulholland highway in California to interview the founder and owner of Los Angeles Bikers, Bruno Rony.
Because of my job as a motorcycle guide I need to have several bikes, so I try to adjust to whatever my customers are gonna be renting. If they rent Harley-Davidson, chances I’m gonna be riding this ‘guy’ here.
Well, this one is an Italian, it’s a 2003 Moto Guzzi California. It’s very rare here. I like it because it’s Italian, I’m part Italian, and because it’s a very unique motorcycle because of this V-tween engine and the vibrations are really specific to this bike and that’s something you like.
Any movie made in Hollywood that needs a motorcycle it’s gonna be Harley-Davidson. So that built up the brand, you know, during all these years. They are beautiful, beautiful bikes, all the chrome, the shiny style, they’re comfortable, and they really are the American patriotic bike. And, you know, if you mix that altogether, you understand why from abroad, there is a fascination for these motorcycles, because you’ve seen them in movies, you’ve seen them in environments where, you know, people are cruising on those big long highways, and then those are beautiful machines.
Well, there’s one particularity about California, is that we are allowed to do lane-splitting on freeways, and it’s very important because our freeways are congested, as you know. So being able to go through and pass cars in the middle, it’s very important. California is the only state where this is allowed.
Danger exists. We know we need to really be as skilled as possible, in control the motorcycle, respectful of the rules. There’s a way to be safe.