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Bernie Sanders Suspends his Campaign

La scorsa settimana il candidato del Partito democratico Bernie Sanders ha annunciato con questo discorso che si sarebbe ritirato dalla corsa alla presidenza.

Good morning and thank you very much for joining me. I want to express to each of you my deep gratitude for helping to create an unprecedented grassroots political campaign that has had a profound impact in changing our nation. I want to thank the two million Americans who have contributed financially to our campaign and showed the world that we can take on a corrupt campaign finance system and run a major presidential campaign without being dependent upon the wealthy and the powerful. Thank you for your ten million contributions averaging $18.50 of donation.

Together we have transformed American consciousness as to what kind of nation we can become. And have taken this country a major step forward in the neverending struggle for economic justice social justice, racial justice, and environmental justice.

Few would deny that, over the course of the past five years, our movement has won the ideological struggle. A majority of the American people now understand that we must raise the minimum wage to at least $15 an hour, that we must guarantee healthcare as a right to all of our people, that we must transform our energy system away from fossil fuel, and that higher education must be available to all regardless of income. It was not long ago, that people considered these ideas radical and fringe. Today they are mainstream ideas, and many of them are already being implemented in cities and states across the country. We have always believed that healthcare must be considered as a human right not an employee benefit and we are right.

As we are all painfully aware, we now face an unprecedented crisis. Not only are we dealing with a coronavirus pandemic, which is taking the lives of many thousands of our people, we are also dealing with an economic meltdown that has resulted in the loss of millions of jobs. This reality makes it clear to me that Congress must address this unprecedented crisis in an unprecedented way that protects the health and economic well-being of the working families of our country.

We are now some 300 delegates behind vice-president Biden and the path toward victory is virtually impossible. So while we are winning the ideological battle and while we are winning the support of so many young people and working people throughout the country, I have concluded that this battle for the Democratic nomination will not be successful. And so today I am announcing the suspension of my campaign.

If I believed that we had a feasible path to the nomination I would certainly continue the campaign. But it's just not there. I know that there may be some in our movement who disagree with this decision, who would like us to fight on to the last ballot cast at the Democratic convention. I understand that position. But as I see the crisis gripping the nation exacerbated by a president unwilling or unable to provide any kind of credible leadership and the work that needs to be done to protect people in this most desperate hour, I cannot in good conscience continue to mount a campaign that cannot win.
As you all know we have never been just a campaign. We are a grassroots, multiracial, multi-generational movement which has always believed that real change never comes from the top on down but always from the bottom on up. We have taken on Wall Street, the insurance companies, the drug companies, the fossil fuel industry,  the military-industrial complex, the prison industrial complex, and the greed of the entire corporate elite. That struggle continues. While this campaign is coming to an end, our movement is not.

On a practical note, let me also say this: I will stay on the ballot in all remaining states and continue to gather delegates while vice-president Biden will be the nominee. We must continue working to assemble as many delegates as possible at the Democratic convention. Then together standing united we will go forward to defeat Donald Trump, the most dangerous president in modern American history. Please stay in this fight with me. Let us go forward together. The struggle continues. Thank you all very much.