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Taylor's Swift Feline Family

In English, a ‘swift’ is a type of bird, but it is cats that Taylor Swift is obsessed with. So much so, that the world-famous singer-songwriter is “mom” to three of them! She often refers to them in her songs, and they even inspired her to play a cat herself in the movie remake of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s musical Cats.
Swift adopted her first cat in 2011. A female brown and white Scottish Fold, she called her Meredith after the character Dr. Meredith Grey from the medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, as Swift was a huge fan of the show.
Her second cat arrived in 2014. Swift named her Olivia after Detective Olivia Benson from the crime drama show Law & Order. Olivia is white and of the same rare breed as Meredith, famous for its small floppy ears and dignified expression, as well as its intelligence and adaptability. Both Olivia and Meredith are comfortable with life in the limelight and have their own popular Instagram accounts. Olivia particularly enjoys posing for the camera, she likes to sit in an unusual way and stare straight into it!
The third member of Swift’s feline family is more recent. Benjamin Button is named after the fictional character that aged backwards, beginning life as an old man and ending it as a baby. He was invented by the author F. Scott Fitzgerald and played in the movie by Brad Pitt. The kitten belongs to a cat breed called Ragdoll, with fluffy fur and blue eyes. He was given to Swift in 2019 as part of a music video for the song ME! in which the other cats also appear. It seemed like fate. Swift fell in love with the kitten and adopted him on the spot.

I have never personally encountered a cat that preferred to be carried as if they’re a human baby, but, you know, that's what's happening... here. This is how he prefers to travel.